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At Sierra Foot & Ankle, we think everyone deserves convenient access to the highest quality foot and ankle care. And because we’re located just a few miles from the border, our Carson City office draws a lot of patients from California!

If you happen to live in South Lake Tahoe or the surrounding area, you don’t have to go all the way to Sacramento (or further) to get effective, state-of-the-art foot care. Consider joining the large and growing group of patients from Alpine, El Dorado, Inyo, Mariposa, and Placer counties that have chosen Sierra Foot & Ankle in Carson City!

Dr. Victoria Melhuish is recognized as a leading podiatric and biomechanics expert in Carson Valley,  Eagle Valley and Lake Tahoe region. She prides herself on providing the highest level of care and customer service to all her patients.


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Comprehensive Foot & Ankle Care

Sierra Foot & Ankle specializes in all aspects of foot and ankle care for patients of all ages. If you are experiencing any kind of pain, mobility difficulties, physical deformity, skin or nail issue, or other concerns about your feet or ankles, we can help you:

  • Heel & Arch Pain. Heel pain is the most common symptom we see, but there are several possible explanations for any one case—and just as many treatment protocols. We’ll make sure you get the right diagnosis and an effective treatment plan.
  • Foot & Ankle Injuries. The Lake Tahoe region is awesome for outdoor sports and activity—but it can also mean painful foot and ankle injuries. We provide prompt, advanced, and effective care for both traumatic and overuse injuries, including onsite regenerative treatments with Ultrasound guided AminoFix injections, and MLS Laser Therapy.
  • Foot & Ankle Biomechanics. Because feet are foundational for the entire body, even minor inefficiencies in their structure or movement can have wide-ranging, and occasionally severe, consequences. Dr. Melhuish specializes in biomechanics—she even studied to be a structural engineer! —and is extremely adept at identifying and addressing these problems.
  • Skin & Nail Care. Clear and healthy skin and nails are not simply a matter of aesthetics. Of utmost importanceis maintaining your natural barriers against injuries, infections, and disease! From ingrown toenails to athlete’s foot, corns, calluses, blisters, cracked heels and more, we can help.
  • Diabetic Foot Conditions. Diabetes poses special challenges for foot health, including nerve damage, wounds, infections, and more. We provide a comprehensive array of preventative and reactive care services, including advanced wound care, orthotics, shoe evaluations, vascular testing, and even diet and health recommendations.
  • Pediatric Foot & Ankle Care. Podiatry isn’t just for adults! Children have foot care needs, too—and diagnosing and treating childhood foot problems often requires specialized knowledge and skills. If your little one is suffering, we can help correct an issue before it gets worse. We also provide highly effective treatment for one of the most frustrating and common conditions seen in kids, plantar warts. The needle-less application process delivers a precision amount of Bleomycin directly into the wart. Typically, one application is all that is needed to kill the wart.


State-of-the-Art Technology and Training

Dr. Melhuish leads the way with many sophisticated tools and procedures you won’t find in a typical podiatric clinic, including:

  • 3D-Printed Custom Orthotics. By using laser scanning, gait and pressure sensing, digital modeling, and a revolutionary medical-grade 3D printing process, we create custom orthotics that fit in virtually any shoe, are more precisely customized, slimmer and more lightweight, more comfortable, and more effective than traditional orthotics made from plaster molds.
  • In-Office Orthotics Lab. If you have an older pair of orthotics, or even prefabricated arch supports, we can customize them for you using our extensive knowledge of biomechanics and in-office laboratory tools. That usually means significantly improved comfort and performance, even from the conventional “off the rack” insert.
  • MLS Laser Therapy. This advanced therapy is extremely effective for many sports injuries, wounds, heel pain, and other sources of chronic pain. Synchronized lasers energize your body’s cells to naturally accelerate pain-relieving and cellular healing activities, leading to significantly shorter recovery times (or even lasting relief from pain that has been chronic for months or years). It’s completely safe (no known side effects), drug free, and highly effective for the vast majority of patients.

  • Regenerative AminoFix Injections – AminoFix is a powerful bioactive tissue matrix allograft which stimulates and enhances your body’s own natural healing power with activation of over 250+ growth factors and stem migration to site of injury and proliferation. Our doctor uses ultrasound guidance to precisely target this allograft directly to the site of injury where it is needed.
  • Digital X-Ray and High Resolution diagnostic ultrasound.
  • Laser Toenail Therapy. Laser technology offers a convenient solution for fungal toenail infections in those patient that cannot or do not want to take traditional oral antifungal medications. The laser is tuned to a wavelength that’s deadly for fungi and fungal spores, but harmless to your skin and nails.


Accepting New Patients!

Because of high standards of care and our central location in the Lake Tahoe region, we draw many patients from both sides of the state line, including South Lake Tahoe and the north shore. Exceptional foot and ankle care is less than an hour away—and we’d be honored to have the opportunity to serve the foot health needs of you and your family, too!

Please feel free to explore our website to learn more about what we do and how we can help, or reach out directly by calling our office at (775) 783-8037 or completing the form below.

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