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Are you suffering from heel pain? We are providing this guide to you and others in our community who suffer from heel pain because we believe that the more you know about the causes of heel pain and the many ways we are able to treat this condition, the better prepared you will be to make the best possible decisions about your health.

Get Your Free Guide to Treating Fungal Toenails

Are you suffering from fungal toenails? We are providing this information to you and others in our community who suffer from fungal toenail infections because we believe that the more you know about the causes of nail infections and the ways we are able to treat this condition, the better prepared you will be to make the best possible decisions about your health. 

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Victoria L. Melhuish, DPM

Dr. Victoria L. Melhuish is a board-certified podiatrist serving the northern Nevada area. Dedicated to a sound mind – sound body philosophy, she believes that taking care of every part of yourself, especially your feet, is important for your overall health. A desire to improve others’ quality of life drove her to build a professional career in medicine and influenced her choice of podiatry. She also notes that her passion for helping people with their feet and ankles was influenced by her grandmother, who had credited her podiatrist with keeping her on her feet for so many years.

No Matter What Caused Your Foot Problem, We Can Find the Solution

Due to the unique strains your feet are under, there are many different ways they could suffer an injury. Sudden trauma, repetitive motion, wear and tear, genetic conditions, infection, and arthritis are just a few things that can cause pain and affect your normal walking or more strenuous activity. What begins as a small annoyance may soon develop into a painful and potentially life-altering condition over time, so it is best to have the problem fully evaluated by a podiatrist before wasting more time and energy on home remedies that are not working.








Since Getting Orthotics, I’ve Got My Running To A Consistent 30-60 Miles A Week.

“Dr. Melhuish made me custom Orthotics near Christmastime 2012. Since then, I’ve got my running to a consistent 30-60 miles a week. I won a half marathon; finished 1st, 5th, 7th, and 9th racing my last season with the University of Montana Triathlon Club; earned 2nd place at a 50k; and ran through the night pacing 13th woman at Western States 100…”

“They are very friendly and professional.

They take time to explain what needs to be done to heal your feet. They cleaned my husbands toe nails far better then his prior foot doctor. I recommend giving them a try!”

“I have had an ingrown toenail for around 5 to 7 years, I kept trying to fix at the nail salon.

I finally got the courage to go in to Sierra foot and ankle and had a great experience. She cut my nail a bit and I recovered in five days. I wish I would’ve done this years ago, I’m very happy I went in I have no more pain in my foot and it feels amazing! I would recommend this great place to anyone and everyone with foot issues, they do a great job And are kind and make you feel comfortable. I’m happy I finally took care of this issue.”

“This place is amazing!!!

They give me a lot of info about my treatment nail, so many options to choose. I really recommend this clinic for any foot treatment.”

I was referred to Sierra Foot & Ankle by my primary care physician. I was impressed by the level of care from initial contact through my first visit.

The staff were professional and thorough. Oscar was very attentive, courteous and helpful. Dr Melhuish was very knowledgeable, clearly an expert in her field. She diagnosed my foot related pain and offered several treatment options. From options covered by my insurance, a hybrid option of covered and uncovered to an option that was out of the box. She assured me that by starting with the options covered by insurance I would receive the very best care available while letting me know if the course of treatment was not successful I would have other options available. Very impressed with the entire operation and they were above par regarding Covid related protocol. I highly recommend Sierra Foot & Ankle!

My experience with Sierra Foot and Ankle was tremendous. Dr. Melhuish listened to my problem, examined my foot, took x rays and then using State of the Art equipment to assess my foot, She had 3D Custom orthotics designed and manufactured for me.

When I had my first appointment I could barely walk because of the pain. I’ve been wearing my orthotics for 2 weeks and the pain is gone and I feel great .
The entire staff was professional and helpful and Dr. Melhuish was a God Send.”

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