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Usually when people think of what a podiatrist does, treatment and prevention for foot and ankle injuries is likely what comes to mind. And though we are proud to be able to provide relief from pain and discomfort caused by foot and ankle injuries, the field of podiatry goes much beyond that.

Aside from bone fractures and ligament tears, what about the nails and skin on your feet?

We provide expert diagnosis and treatment for annoying—and sometimes embarrassing—foot and ankle conditions afflicting your nails and skin too! From ingrown toenails to plantar warts, these unsightly conditions are more common than you might expect.

Now, the good news is that there are many treatment options that can easily eradicate these issues. On the other hand—the not-so-good-news—people often tend to ignore the symptoms or hope they will go away with some time. That’s not a good idea.

When you wait to address the situation, you are allowing the condition to become worse. And, by the time you actually seek medical advice, more aggressive treatment methods may be required to take care of something that could have otherwise been treated with conservative remedies.

That’s why your best course of action is to first become familiar with some of the most common nail and skin problems—their causes and symptoms—and how you can prevent them from happening to you in the first place.

Common Skin and Nail Conditions

The reality is that the nails and skin on our feet are subjected to quite a bit of abuse each and every day. From being stuffed in sweaty shoes for hours to enduring rough surfaces when bare, your feet and ankles are constantly exposed to not only the risk of injuries, but also developing nail and skin problems.

Some of the most common skin and nail conditions include:

Often, these conditions develop due to wearing improper shoes and poor foot care habits. But, thankfully, there are definitely measures you can take in order to prevent these embarrassing—and even painful! —nail and skin problems from developing in your feet.

Prevent Skin and Nail Conditions

As it is true with most health problems, prevention is key. And you can easily do this by:

  • Checking your feet every day. Especially if you are living with diabetes. Look for changes in the texture and color of your feet and toenails.
  • Practicing good foot hygiene. Wash your feet every day and make sure to dry them thoroughly after you are done, paying special attention to those areas between the toes.
  • Moisturizing your feet. Hydrate the skin on your feet after each wash, but keep in mind to avoid the areas between the toes.
  • Wearing appropriate footwear. When you buy new shoes, make sure that they allow plenty of room for your toes to move freely and that they provide enough support and cushioning.
  • Trimming your toenails properly. Make sure to clip your nails straight across and keep them roughly even with the tips of the toes.
  • Alternating between shoes. You should give your footwear time to dry out completely before you wear them again.
  • Avoiding socks with tight elastic at the ankles or ridges. Doing so will hinder healthy blood flow from going through your feet.

Of course, we also understand that sometimes nail and skin concerns may still arise despite taking all the preventive measures available. And, if you have noticed any unusual signs on your feet or ankles, or if you are finally convinced that your symptoms will not go away on its own, then it’s time to come visit our team of experts at Sierra Foot & Ankle.

Expert Nail and Skin Care at Sierra Foot & Ankle

Early intervention is key for optimal recovery. So, don’t wait to seek medical treatment if your feet are causing you pain, or if they are a reason for embarrassment. We can help you keep them healthy and happy at Sierra Foot & Ankle.

Call us today at (775) 783-8037 to schedule an appointment. You can also fill out our online contact form, and one of our trained staff members will contact you shortly to confirm your consultation!

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