Who can forget Tamagotchi pets, Pokemon cards, Beanie Babies, and Furby? These toys of the ‘90s will forever be sealed in our memories of yesteryear. If you still own one of these relics, you may notice that they don’t look and act like they used to. Just like your toys, your bones wear out over time too—a problem we call arthritis.


Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis. Age plays a major factor in the development of this joint pain. As you age, the cartilage on the ends of your bones—where the joint forms—wears down. You can also sustain this pain following an injury in sports or from an accident. However, the arthritis won’t pop up until years later, after the injury has completely healed.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

This autoimmune disorder happens when your immune system attacks the lining of your joints. As a result, the joint becomes swollen and inflamed and the skin may feel warm and tender to the touch. Chronic inflammation is not good; it can result in damage to your bones and joints. Certain viruses and bacteria can cause it as well when your body cannot fight them off.

Gout and Other Arthritic Conditions

Gout is another form of arthritis that happens when uric acid crystals build up in your joints, most commonly the big toe joint in the feet. Lupus can also be associated with arthritis since it involves damage to the joints. Infection in your joints can cause damage to cartilage too.


Stiffness and pain are common complaints from patients who suffer from this condition. Now, it may be tempting to simply attribute that stiffness and pain to old age, but it’s not normal. If you have trouble going about your day, talk to our podiatrist, Victoria L. Melhuish. She can help relieve symptoms of this degenerative condition so it doesn’t get worse. You may also have symptoms like a fever, weight loss, rashes and itching, and trouble breathing, which need to be addressed. Make an appointment with Sierra Foot & Ankle as soon as you experience these problems.


At Sierra Foot & Ankle, we may need to take X-rays and blood tests to pinpoint the cause of the pain you’re experiencing. A proper diagnosis allows us to prescribe medication that can help with your arthritis of the feet. Your concerns are a top priority for us, so we will listen to all of your questions in order to determine the best treatment plan for you. We may recommend a physical therapy program to help you achieve overall wellness and health. If your joints are severely damaged, we will discuss the option of joint replacement surgery.

Living with arthritis is not easy, it takes a strong person to deal with the discomfort and maintain a positive attitude. If you’re at home and still having pain after taking your medication and therapy, sometimes gentle stretching, a warm shower, and a little rest and icing of the joint helps ease pain from arthritis in the feet. Exercise also plays a big role, and can help you lose the weight that may be putting more stress on your joints.

When you have arthritis of the feet, it’s important to keep taking your medication and making regular visits to Sierra Foot & Ankle. Living with joint pain in your feet is not something you should endure. Make an appointment with Victoria L. Melhuish, DPM, by calling (775) 783-8037. Soon, your pain will be a thing of the past!

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