Great Exercises To Keep Senior Feet Strong

by | Oct 10, 2017

If you could spend just five minutes a day making part of your life better, would you do it? You can combat aging muscles and tendons with these exercises for stronger feet. A few minutes a day can help you stay more mobile, increase balance, and reduce your fall risk—and the movements are simple to do.

Start with your toes. Lift and lower them several times, then lift and spread them out as wide as you can. Now try lifting just your big toe a few times, and then your little one, and then alternate them. If you have trouble with balance issues or use a wheelchair, you can still do these simple toe exercises to strengthen toes and your shin muscles and help your balance when you stand. One more exercise that helps build strength is to simply rise on tiptoe as high as you can, hold for a second, and lower heels to the floor again.

Next, your feet. Simple heel raises can also do much for foot flexibility and strength. Hold on to something for stability, and lift the heel of one foot so your weight is on the forefoot and slowly drop it down again, repeating several times. Then go up on the ball of the foot and rock from side to side. Repeat with the other foot. You can also work the muscles in your arch by gripping the floor with your toes while standing and releasing them again, about 4 times. As you grip, your feet will “dome” up into your normal arch shape.







Finally, your ankles. While standing, lean your ankles outward so your weight rests on the outer edge for a few seconds, then roll over to rest on the inside of your foot. This maintains ankle range of motion and flexibility that may help you prevent an injury. You can also strengthen your ankles by standing on one leg on a folded towel for 30 seconds, and then on the other. As the muscles in your leg and ankle work to stabilize you, they become stronger.

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