The Best Hiking Trails Near Carson City (And How To Enjoy Them Without Foot Trouble!)

by | Sep 21, 2017

The world has more than its fair share of stress and chaos nowadays. Sometimes it feels there’s nothing but a constant stream of it in and out of our TVs and phones!

But you know what still has peace and order to it? Nature, and we’re blessed with some beautiful walking and hiking trails near Carson City to enjoy!

We love being active at Sierra Foot & Ankle, so let’s highlight some of the best and most scenic trails available right in our own region. We’re podiatrists too, of course, so we couldn’t let you out the door without some tips on how to enjoy your hikes without pain and problems, too!

So where do you want to go today?

King’s Canyon Waterfall Trail

This out and back loop is a relatively easy trek with a fantastic payoff! The 0.6-mile trail features its own little waterfall oasis of cascading water and lush greenery. The waterfall looks best swollen with spring snow runoff, but is still very enjoyable during the summer as well.

This is a good trail for families, and dogs are welcome if they are leashed. There’s an additional Upper Waterfall Loop that rises up and provides more great views, but be warned that it’s more challenging!

Foot Tip: At less than 1 mile round trip, the King’s Canyon Waterfall Trail is a good place to test how a new pair of hiking boots feel on your feet. You never want to use a brand new pair of boots for long treks, as they might unexpectedly rub against areas of your feet and lead to blisters and sores.

Spooner Lake Loop Trail

About 15 minutes away from Carson City where US 50 and State Route 28 meet, Spooner Lake is another fantastic getaway that has a welcoming trail for beginners.

The loop around the lake is 2.1 miles, with good shaded areas and lots of little active critters to listen to. Dogs on leashes are also welcome here, and there are some benches and facilities if you want to have a picnic. Just don’t expect to take a dip in the lake. It’s pretty to look at, but there are leeches in there!

Spooner Lake Loop Trail has a fork that connects to Marlette Lake if you’re up for a day hike of about 10 miles. The loop around Spooner itself, however, is still rewarding.

Foot Tip: If you are taking longer treks and notice “hot spots” where your skin is becoming sore or irritated, cover it immediately with tape or a bandage to help prevent it from becoming a blister.







The Flume Trail

Now we’re getting into more intense territory!

Used for mountain biking and trail running, this 12.8-mile has one endpoint in Spooner Lake and goes up past Marlette Lake. While most of it is relatively flat, you can expect some steepness in the beginning and at various parts of the trail. The height provides for some amazing views, though!

Foot Tip: The Flume Trail’s roughness and elevation changes in areas give it a bigger risk of injury than previous trails we’ve discussed. Be more aware of your steps and stride in more challenging areas. A shorter, tighter stride will improve your recovery chances should you take a mis-step, and it helps reduce blister-causing friction as well.

Mount Rose Trail

Northwest of Carson City, outside of Incline Village, the Mount Rose Trail is a 10.7-mile loop that includes waterfalls, beautiful vistas of Lake Tahoe, and the satisfaction of reaching the mountain summit! As you might expect, you will be going up, but it is not as arduous of a journey as one might expect. There are definitely steep parts, however, and the air will be thinner towards the top.

If you’re planning on heading up Mount Rose, keep in mind that the temperatures can still be chilly the higher you go. You might even still see some snow in mid-summer!

Foot Tip: You might run into some wetness up the mountain. If you anticipate that your feet may get wet, opt for water-resistant footwear and thinner socks that won’t hold as much water up against your feet. Soaked feet damage more easily, so try to keep them dry as best you can on hikes.

Expert Foot and Ankle Care No Matter Where the Trails Take You

Whether you’re an avid hiker or prefer short walks around the block, we want your feet to be as comfortable as possible. If you run into problems, the experts at Sierra Foot & Ankle are here with the guidance and treatments you need to keep moving effectively!

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